Our Majestic Views

On my way into work this morning I got hit by a ton of bricks. Not literally of course, but nearly as powerfully! As I drove up our driveway, I parked as usual but instead of entering the kitchen for my usual “first thing” inspection I went around and entered through the front entrance.

The fountain was gently splashing in the center of the rotunda and the flowers were speckled with shade and morning sunlight. After climbing the front stairs my eyes were quickly drawn through our back doors with the mighty Hudson River lit brightly and sending more morning rays sparkling. What views!

I got to think how lucky I am to come to work in a place so scenic but, more importantly, how I get the opportunity to try and make sure everything about our operations lives up the majesty of our setting. My second thought however was that this special weather in this beautiful season should be celebrated.

We are doing our part with Cigar Nights, Business Networking and Casual Cocktails events where the outdoor settings are enjoyed. Of course, you might have your own reason to come and take a deep breath of fresh air … but then get ready for a whole host of other sights and smells and tastes. I look forward to sharing our beautiful view and hope to deliver you a beautiful experience for a drink, dinner or a special meal or event. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the bricks.