Here’s Why You Should Consider A First Look

First and foremost, a first look with your partner is not mandatory but – we do suggest it!

Here at The Briarcliff Manor, there are many different spots to take your first look photos. Our couples’ favorite spot is in front of our manor + fountain!

Here’s a list of the benefits of a first look:

1. The first benefit to a first look is enjoying a special, intimate moment with just you and your partner. 
Being surrounded by your friends & family to celebrate your special day is of course amazing but, it’s important to have special moments throughout the day with just you and your partner celebrating your love – starting with the first look.

2. The second benefit to a first look is you’ll get those pesky jitters out of the way. The anticipation to see each other is so strong on your wedding day that it may be beneficial to see each other before you walk down the aisle. You’ll be focused and remember those special ceremony moments better if you’ve already completed that first look.

3. The third benefit to a first look is capturing that raw emotion between both you and your partner in one singular photograph. Specifically at The Briarcliff Manor, first look photos in front of the fountain allows for one partner to be facing away while the other sneaks up to surprise them which features for both partners to be in a singular photograph rather than walking down the ceremony aisle. 

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Photography: Bernard Alexis Photography