First Loves to Forever at The Briarcliff Manor

Eliza and Josh are meant to be. From being in each other’s lives from early teenage years, to realizing they cant live without one another; these two are truly perfect together. Read all about where it started and how they ended here with us celebrating their “incredibly special night” here with us at The Briarcliff Manor!

Question: How did you two first meet?

Answer: E: We met in our early teenager years. My best friend from high school was Josh’s cousin.

Question: What was your first impression of each other?

Answer: E: He was my friend’s older cousin, I thought he was cute but too old for me! Ha!

Question: What was your first date?

Answer: We went for ice cream at Double Twister

Question: Who said ‘I love you’ first?

Answer: Josh did.

Question: What is the most memorable date that you two shared?

Answer: When we first started dating, we had a couple very special dates in New York City. Josh was quite the romantic!

Question: What are your nicknames for each other?

Answer: E: Joshy and Josha

J: Babe

Question: Is there a favorite spot you two share?

Answer: Max 40 for date nights.

Question: Who met the in-laws first?

Answer: E: I’ve known his family forever. I used to go to all his family parties, way before we started dating.

Question: What are your favorite things about each other?

Answer: E: I love his sensitivity and that he can always make me laugh.

J: She always takes care of me!

Question: Do you have a special tradition on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Every day is Valentine’s day!

Question: When did you know that you were going to propose to her?

Answer: J: After we started dating a couple years and I realized I couldn’t live without her.

Question: What was your proposal like/where was it?

Answer: E: Josh proposed on New Year’s Eve (1/1/17) in Miami. I was completely shocked, I never thought he was going to do it that night. He was wearing a fitted suit, I still don’t know how he pulled it off.

Question: How did you feel when he proposed?

Answer: E: I was so happy and excited to start our next chapter. I knew he was the one for a long time!

Question: How long have the both of you known each other?

Answer: We have known each other about 13 years. Eliza was 13 and Josh was 15. We dated for three years before he proposed.

Question: What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Answer: It is hard to pick just one, but I think giving our vows was my favorite part. Also, being able to celebrate with our closest family and friends. It was a very special night.

Question: How would you describe the style or theme of your wedding?

Answer: Classic and whimsical

Question: What did you look most forward to? The wedding day, the ceremony, the honeymoon?

Answer: All of the above

Question: What was the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?

Answer: E: The bachelorette party

Question: What was the most unique detail at your wedding?

Answer: E: I loved how personalized our wedding ceremony was. I also loved the our photobooth- and so did the guests!

Question: What was your something borrowed, something new and something blue?

Answer: E: I had my grandmother’s necklace for something old, my earrings for something new, and my garter for something blue.

Question: To the Groom: What were you thinking when you saw her walking down the aisle?

Answer: J: Dont Cry!

Question: Were there any family heirlooms that you cherished with you on the wedding day?

Answer: E: I was able to make a photo display honoring all of our loved ones who have passed. This detail was very special and important for us.

Question: Is there anything from your wedding day that you will keep as memorabilia?

Answer: E: I kept all the programs and signs that I made. I also have a photo album with all our best pictures.

Question: What is “your song” and why?

Answer: Perfect by Ed Sheeran – because when you know, you just know!

Question: Who was your maid of honor and why?

Answer: My best friend Jenny, who I’ve known since we were three years old. She is a sister to me and I couldn’t imagine asking anyone else.

Question: Who was your best man and why?

Answer: J: My brother Matt, he’s been my closest and best friend for as long as I can remember.

Question: Did you have your honeymoon yet? How was it/where was it?

Answer: Yes, we just got back from Cabo San Lucas and it was amazing. We didn’t want to leave.

Question: How would you describe your wedding day in one sentence?

Answer: Our wedding was an amazing and incredibly special night- we are so lucky to have such amazing family and friends to share it with.

Who did your…

-Makeup? Myself

-Hair? Tasia from Dawn’s Pizzazz

-Dress Designer? I don’t remember…. Shows how much I cared about that part… ha!

DJ – One Plug Entertainment

Photographer – Ervans Photography

Florist & Décor – Décor by Vincenza