What is a Bridal Attendant and Why Do I Need One?

The Briarcliff Manor, amongst few other venues, 
provides your and your bridal party a bridal attendant for the day of your wedding day.

 What is a bridal attendant? A bridal attendant is a trained staff member by your side on the day of your wedding to assist you and your bridal party with all of your day of needs. 

What exactly does a bridal attendant do?

The goal of the Bridal Attendant is to keep you happy, stress free and comfortable throughout the day. Bridal attendants do many things during the day of your weddings ranging from helping put on your dress to helping you pack up your things at the end of the night.

Here’s a short list our bridal attendants do to assist you on your special day!

  • Greet you & your bridal party upon arrival
  • Carry bags and dresses upstairs to bridal suites
  • Keep you and your partner separated, if you’re planning to do a first look
  • Provide and replenish beverages and snacks before ceremony
  • Assist in the coordination of first look and bridal party photo shoots with your photographer
  • Help Prepare you for ceremony (holding your dress, placing your veil, holding your flowers)
  • Coordinate the line-up of your bridal party and family for ceremony
  • Fluff your dress and placing your veil before you walk down the aisle
  • Offering you and your partner beverages throughout cocktail hour
  • Guide you upstairs 10 minutes before cocktail hour ends for reconnection time and to eat cocktail hour cuisine
  • Help coordinate grand entrance with family, bridal party and DJ
  • Replenishing beverages throughout the night
  • Help pack up decor, florals, dresses and other belongings.

Our bridal attendants will be there to anticipate your every need, take care of all the little things, help you keep to the timeline and more!

They allow you to take a breather, enjoy the time with your bridal party and guests while they handle all the extra things you may have forgotten to do the day of, or remind you of things that may slip your mind. They’re there to help ensure you can be present and enjoy yourself!

This is just another added bonus for booking your special day with us at The Briarcliff Manor.
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