Briarcliff Bride

My wedding at The Briarcliff Manor was an absolute DREAM. We had the added bonus of planning through Covid, but the owner Perry and the venue coordinator Emily were consistent in answering all my bride woes and worries with complete reassurance that everything would go as planned-and it did!! I was a bride who also had a very specific vision and a lot of personal decor that I brought myself for the wedding day, and the staff truly went beyond in setting up everything exactly as I had planned with no hesitation. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the great people who make the magic happen at Briarcliff. All of my guests raved about the beauty of the Manor, how great the food was (which is made to order on the night of the wedding!) and that it was one of the most seamless elegant weddings they’ve been to-a credit I can give wholeheartedly to the venue. Do not hesitate to have your wedding here!!



To the entire team at The Briarcliff Manor-

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the impeccable work you did for our wedding. As you know, leading up to our day we experienced heartbreaking let-downs with the pandemic and losing our original venue. It started to feel like we would never get the day we wanted. From the moment we contacted you for information up until our wedding day, your warmth and professionalism put us at ease. It is clear that you take pride in what you do. From planning with Perry, Emily, and Vincenza, to having amazing support from Dawn and the rest of the team throughout our wedding night, we were floored with your hospitality. I was pleasantly surprised with Jimmy- I did not know we would have someone to attend to us like he did! He kept my champagne flute full all night- no matter where I was! What a star!
I want to acknowledge how much you actually went out of your way for us. You are a group of beautiful wedding saviors. All of you went above and beyond in more ways than one. It is clear that your venue has its own operations that run like a well-oiled machine. Despite the expected and unexpected adjustments, the entire night felt seamless and smooth. Thank you for sticking to our original schedule and accommodating our original vendors. They shared how beautiful your venue is and how great you all are. But most importantly, thank you for the incredibly selfless risk you took to move our wedding back outside after you called it to be indoors- all without my knowing it until way after the fact. All night I kept saying to my wedding party, “Can you believe something actually went right for us!? Can you believe that we actually got our day exactly how we wanted it?!” It wasn’t until I gushed to Kevin at dinner how lucky it was that we just missed the rain when he told me how close we were to experiencing another huge let-down. I had no idea. I was in complete shock of how much work everyone did behind the scenes to make that happen and so subtly that I could enter my ceremony with not one worry on my mind. I can’t believe you moved that archway not once, but twice! I type this with tears in my eyes. With all the disappointments we faced in planning our wedding, to know how closely we dodged another just moments before our ceremony feels like divine intervention and you are our angels.I know you took the risk not just because Kevin or Ruth asked you to, but because you knew how much heartbreak we faced and how much we needed a win. Our ceremony was dreamier than I imagined, thanks to all of you and your investment in our wedding story. There are no words powerful enough to express my gratitude for your dedication to bring our vision to life, despite all odds. It means the world to me and I will remember it every time I look at pictures of our absolutely stunning outdoor ceremony.
On the ride back to the hotel that night, all I could say was how perfect and fun our wedding was. It was more than I ever hoped for. I have never felt so taken-care-of in my entire life. I’ve had happy tears all weekend because I am touched with how kind and genuine you were to us. I know you’ve hosted hundreds of weddings, but you truly made us feel like we were special people to you, not just another event in your books. No money could ever buy the heart and soul you all poured into our day. The mountains you moved to make our day happen will be forever woven into the story of our wedding. Thank you for all that you have done for us, we loved every single moment.
With eternal gratitude,
Katie Pozerski
Katie P.

Dear Perry, Vincenza and Emily,

Steve and I want to express our sincere gratitude for your team effort in creating our dream wedding. Each of you brought a unique element in the planning process which contributed to a seamless execution of every component on our most important day.
From the minute we walked in and every subsequent meeting thereafter, we were greeted with warm smiles and were always made to feel welcome.
You provided an elegant and memorable experience for us and all of our guests who have done nothing but rave about how beautiful and amazing that night was. What you and your team are doing at The Briarcliff Manor each and every night is truly special and proves that fairy tale weddings do come true !! 
It was a pleasure working with you through this process and we hope to see you again in the future! 
Wishing you all have a very happy and joyous holiday season! 
Mr. & Mrs. Fraioli 
New Mr. & Mrs.

Everyone we met at The Briarcliff Manor was friendly and welcoming. This was the first venue we visited that offered us food and drink during the tour. We felt like everyone truly wanted to take the time to get to know us an make our experience one of a kind! 

Melissa B.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. DiNapoli, 

I attended the wedding reception of Brian C. & Alyssa M. on Saturday, May 5 as a member of the broom’s family. I just wanted to write a note of appreciation ~ your service staff was excellent. All were kind, courteous, and attentive. I’d like to make a special note of Jimmy ~ he was taking care of our table and never let a glass fo unfilled or a napkin go unfolded. He was a consummate professional. I hope you will let him know his care and attention to detail are things worth writing about! 

Sincerely, Melissa G. (May 2018)

Melissa G.